Search Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Having a great website is one thing – having a great website that is easily found by potential customers is another.

Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo use complex technology to decide which web pages get included in their indexes and how to order those pages when users perform searches. Search Engine Optimization is the ongoing process by which we help those Search Engines understand the details about a website.

Search Optimization can be separated into two distinct areas, On-Site Optimization and Off-Site Optimization:

On-Site Optimization

A solid URL structure is one of the cornerstones of an accessible website. URLs need to be simple and easily understood by both your users and search engines.

Meta Data is the information about webpages Search Engines show on their search result pages. The quality of this data not only impacts your search visibility, its the first chance you have at compelling potential customers to click-thru and visit your website.

Links help Search Engines determine the popularity and quality of your web pages. One of your goals should be to create compelling content in order to attract natural, inbound links.

The other should be devising an internal linking strategy so that visitors and search engines know what you condider to be important parts of your website.

Correctly coding your webpages help Search Engines better understand your content.

For example, page titles and page section headings have specific HTML tags, that when used, assist Search Engines in understanding your content better.

Similar to your document structure, your webpage’s images need specific coding to help Search Engines better understand them.

Webpage load time is one of the many factors that determine your organic search visibilty. Simply put, the faster the better.

We can optimize your website’s infrasctucture to ensure your content is delivered as quickly as possible.

Off-Site Optimization

Your potential customers are using social media on a daily basis – reach out, connect and turn your followers into customers. Using Social Media to drive traffic to your website can turn casual visitors into lifelong customers.

As mentioned above, Links to your website are like a votes of confidence – they let Search Engines know your site has valuable information and bring interested visitors to your web pages. We can help you build link-worthy content that visitors will share naturally, as well as building quality links from legitimate sources that will help better your search visibility.