Website Audits

In-depth Analysis & Direction for Improvement

IQ Craft’s Website Audit provides an in-depth analysis of your existing website as well as direction for improvement.

Our findings serve as a baseline against which we compare the effects of our recommended improvements.

Website Audits include the following 12 main focus areas

  • Are search engines like Google and Bing correctly understanding the most important parts of your website?
  • Are there any barriers to entry for the search engines to correctly index your website?
  • Do your search result snippets entice potential customers to click-thru, visit your pages and convert?
  • Is your website fast enough to compete?
  • Does your website correctly work on all modern devices and browsers?
  • Does your website work for the widest audience possible?
  • Is it easy for potential customers to find what they’re looking for on your website?
  • Are your website URLs easy-to-read and easy to link back to?
  • Does your URL infrastructure cause unwanted duplicate content?
  • Are visitors and other websites linking to your content?
  • Does your content compel visitors to link to you?
  • Are you actively creating links to important content on your own website?
  • Do you have links from untrustworthy sources? Do you link to poor-quality sites?
  • Are there broken links to your site preventing potential customers from finding you?
  • Are there broken links on your site which are causing a poor user experience?
  • Are all your page elements optimized for maximum organic visibility?
  • Are your images receiving traffic from image search?
  • Are your page titles and headings accurate and compelling?
  • Is your content compelling and unique?
  • Is your content geared towards encouraging visitors to convert?
  • Is your important content content easy-to-find?
  • Do you have duplicate content that makes your site more difficult to locate organically?
  • Are you targeting the most advantageous keywords and phrases?
  • Do you have specific content ready for potential visitors to find based on popular searches?
  • Is your Google Analytics account setup and configured correctly?
  • Are you tracking important interactions and goals?
  • Are you correctly tracking ecommerce sales and revenue data?
  • Do you know how to interpret basic Analytics reports?
  • Are you making most of your videos?
  • Are search engines and users able to easily find your videos?
  • Have you claimed and optimized local platforms important to your niche?
  • Are you taking advantage of and monitoring your reviews?
  • Are you utilizing the appropriate social channels?
  • Do your social platforms complement your website’s content?
  • Are you gauging how your time spent on social marketing is contributing to your successes?
  • Is your website easy-to-use for the widest audience possible?
  • Do you convey a professional and trustworthy online image?
  • Are your products and important content easy-to-find?