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Order Express™ is IQCraft’s one-stop solution for all your advanced E-Commerce Needs – from full-service Catering to single turkey sandwiches, Order Express makes online ordering quick and easy for all of your users.

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  • Create an unlimited amount of unique Stores with an unlimited amount of unique Departments
  • Website product categories can be tied to specific stores and departments
  • Customizible back-end users can view orders, create products, run reports and more.
  • We can create a template that matches your brand and looks-and-feels exactly how you want it to
  • Don’t have a brand or a website? Our designers are here to help you with every step of the surprisingly easy process
  • Fully-customizable email templates for all customer notifications
  • Customers and designated Store and Department managers receive notifications for all important stages of the order process
  • Create anything from single products in assorted flavors to fully-customizable Dinners with side-dishes, and Catering menus
  • Easily manage product units – choose from per lbs, per each, per specific guest count or whatever you can think of
  • If there’s a specific product/service we don’t already have a customizable product type for, we’ll build it for you
  • Create full-day holidays on which customers cannot pick-up
  • Create partial-day holiday hours in case pick-up isn’t available at particular hours of the day
  • Website customers can easily create accounts
  • Registered users can check order statuses, send you messages and easily re-order anything from their order history
  • Create unlimited coupon codes for your customers to use and promotions for all or a select group of your customers
  • Easily manage promotional areas on your website – add and edit text, photos and more